Within Reach Update

Work smarter, not harder. We’ve all heard this phrase. It may be used frequently, but hearing it is often the spark we need to ignite change. The ability to achieve our five-year plan, Within Reach, depends on our capacity to think differently, find new solutions, innovate more, take risks, and yes, work smarter. If we want to provide access to food for everyone in Southern Colorado who needs it, we simply cannot continue operating the same way while expecting different results.

 A few examples of our working smarter in order to get more food to more people in more places come from our Programs and Agency Relations teams. These people are passionate about feeding people. They truly believe that no one should go hungry! Through the creation of a new Children’s Nutrition Initiative request for proposal process, and a laser focus on developing agencies whose primary mission is hunger relief, we will be able to increase the number of people who have access to the food they need to thrive. Because the Programs and Agency Relations teams have developed smart plans that will allow them to serve more people more efficiently, our partners in these efforts will be even more invested in the work.

For more information about the smart things going on with our Children’s Nutrition Initiative, you can contact Heather Briggs at heather@careandshare.org. For information about smart things taking place with our partner agencies, please reach out to Donna Kolkman at donnak@careandshare.org. They can tell you about how we are working smarter and you might have some ideas to share with them. Together we can solve hunger!

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