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Victoria Selfridge

Story Type: Donors

Victoria Selfridge, the VP of Corporate Communications at Ent Federal Credit Union, has been supporting our work for more than a decade. It all started in 2002, when one of her neighbors asked Victoria if she had any extra room in her freezer. Her neighbors were stockpiling frozen turkeys to donate to Care and Share for Thanksgiving, but they were running out of capacity. Victoria freed up some freezer space, even though she didn’t know anything about Care and Share. That year, Victoria and her husband Brian decided to donate some turkeys too. Now she does it every year.

She then started volunteering at our distribution center, sorting food into individual boxes for families. The sheer volume of food coming in and going out to those in need amazed her. She realized that she and Brian are “fortunate that we’ve never gone hungry, or been forced to choose between a roof over our heads or putting food on the table.” Now, Victoria loves to hear about all of the ways that Care and Share is making a difference for her neighbors at risk of hunger. Knowing that she and Brian are part of the solution “feels pretty good.”

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