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Two Men and a Truck

From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: Donors

How We Helped: Hope

Mary Walker and her husband Jeff co-own Two Men and a Truck, which is an amazing partner to Care and Share. Before their business got directly involved in our work, their kids would participate in the Harvest of Love food drive. Mary remembers them loading up their backpacks with food donations before school and hauling them into their classes. Mary and Jeff tell their kids, “The meal we have may not be your favorite, but you have choices. Some kids don’t have choices.”

Now, Two Men and a Truck is our go-to transportation partner during Harvest of Love and their drivers also help us pick up turkeys during Panera’s A Gobble for All Turkey Drive. Two Men and Truck’s slogan is “Movers Who Care,” and they exemplify this in every aspect of their work. Mary said, “It’s really gratifying to get a call from a customer who wants the same guys to move them after our guys have moved his or her mother.”

Mary said, “If you want to give back to the community, you make it part of the business every day. Some of our drivers on any given day act as movers, and some go to schools or other organizations to collect things to haul them to other places. Sometimes we look at our records and see we didn’t gross as much, but we did give back to the community. That makes us happy.”

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