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Sally Sparhawk

From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: Donors

Sally’s interest in Care and Share was sparked nearly nine years ago when she saw that we were providing our Cooking for a Cause monthly fundraiser event. Sally has always cared deeply about making sure that no one goes hungry, and believes in investing in something that directly benefits her own community. She found Care and Share to be the perfect fit. For every dollar Sally donates to Care and Share, $0.95 goes to hunger relief, while only $0.05 goes to administrative expenses. She is proud to support an organization that is such an excellent steward of her hard-earned money.

Sally understands what it’s like to not know where your next meal is going to come from. She knows the burden that weighs on you when your empty stomach is all you can think about. That all-consuming feeling is what led her to want to give back. Sally gives because she was once given to, which is why she is now a generous contributor to Care and Share’s work. The people at Care and Share also inspire Sally. She said, “You all have passion at Care and Share, and that brings out my passion.”

Not only does Sally give financially, she has hosted many food drives and has even cooked meals to raise money. Sally has also been a huge part of our Send Hunger Packing program by involving her own North Colorado Springs Rotary Club in the fight against child hunger. Despite all of these efforts, she still says “I really wish I could give more.” Her passion shines through in all that she does, and Care and Share is forever grateful for her commitment, her gracious spirit, and her giving heart.

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