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financial and medical assistance


From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Westside Cares

How We Helped: Hope

Financial and Medical Assistance in Colorado

Roxanne has met with many struggles throughout her life. While working in the healthcare industry, she sustained injuries to both her neck and back in 2004. After her second injury in 2013, she was unable to work.  She felt hopeless and depressed. She didn’t have enough food and her utilities were shut off.

She met her partner Richard several years ago while he was homeless, and together they faced the many challenges of life. Richard knew that Roxanne needed guidance and support, so he took her to Westside Cares, which provides food, financial and medical assistance, seasonal needs, referrals, and support to the homeless and the working poor.

Westside Cares is a partner agency of Care and Share, which means that they receive food from us to stock their food pantry. Our SNAP Analyst and volunteer SNAP Ambassadors also help the clients at Westside Cares apply for food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps).

It is very difficult for many people to swallow their pride and to admit that they need help.  Roxanne said that the kindness Elizabeth has shown almost means more than the food. “She has given me hope to keep going and has shown me that there are good people out there still.” Without Elizabeth and the food that Care and Share provides to the pantry at Westside Cares, Roxanne says, “We wouldn’t be able to eat.”

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