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From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Cooking Matters

How We Helped: Education

Meet Ranea: A vibrant middle school student that recently completed our Cooking Matters program because she wanted to learn how to eat healthy on a budget. Before Cooking Matters, Ranea wasn’t eating enough nutritious food. She would skip breakfast, be really tired in class and wouldn’t pay attention. She would go to bed early without finishing her homework. It was very hard for her to get up in the mornings and get ready for school. These symptoms are shared by too many students in classrooms all over the world. Ranea’s Principal said that when students lack adequate nutrition, they just don’t have the fuel in their systems to accomplish what we need them to do.


Throughout the six-week course, Ranea learned how to make better food choices and how to prepare healthy meals at home with a lot vegetables and low-salt ingredients. Now when she’s at school, she chooses apples and fruits instead of sugary desserts and salads instead of pizza. She has more energy to learn and she’s lost some weight. She also encourages her friends and family to make better food choices. This is knowledge that Ranea will share with those she loves throughout her whole life.

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