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Pueblo Community College- Mancos

From Mancos, CO

Story Type: Programs

Programs Used: School Food Pantry

How We Helped: Nutritious Food

We are proud to partner with Pueblo Community College in the fight against hunger! PCC knows how important it is for all students to have access to nutritious food when they need it. To make sure their students can operate and learn at peak function, the college opened food pantries at their two campus locations. The Panther Student Pantry opened in early 2014 at PCC’s main campus in Pueblo. Finding it such a success, they opened another pantry at the Western Campus between Cortez and Mancos in 2016. In a year’s time, they’ve served about 1,800 students.

Kiesa Howell works in the student success department. She says the push to open the pantry came from articles about food insecurity for college students. But it’s also more than that. A lot of the students come from nontraditional households that sometimes struggle to make ends meet. Kiesa told us that they’re not just taking the food for themselves, “they’re taking it for their families.”


There aren’t many food resources in Mancos, other than one or two small grocery stores. With the nearest Walmart in the town over, the pantry is extremely important to students and families who can’t afford to travel around every time they need something. The pantry tries to carry a variety of foods. Staple items such as canned meats, boxed pasta, peanut butter and jelly, or even cereal are a great help to people. “[Doing this] makes me feel great,” Kiesa says, glad to keep the students’ attention off food insecurity and on their education. “That’s one less thing they have to stress about.”

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