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From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

How We Helped: Food to Feed Family

“It’s going to fill the void where I’m not able to purchase everything I need…”

Mercedes is a mom to three young kids in Colorado Springs. Not too long ago, she and her family were living comfortably, but earlier this year her husband changed jobs and the family realized they didn’t always have enough money to make ends meet. “My husband is a disabled vet,” Mercedes told us. “He got out of the military, got a different job, and now we don’t have that security pay. It’s you work the hours you work. You get paid what you work and that’s it. When he’s sick or going to a doctor’s appointment, we don’t get paid.”

She remembers learning about Care and Share’s Summer Mobile Food Pantries when she spotted a flier posted at her oldest daughter’s elementary school. She decided to go to one of the locations to get food that would help her save some money from her grocery budget. When she and her kids arrived, she couldn’t believe what she was able to take home – fresh produce, like apples, cabbage, and potatoes, and also some bread. “Potatoes and cabbage go very far for us. It’s good looking food,” she said. “It’s stuff my kids will eat, and it’s not junk food, so that’s awesome.”

Care and Share’s Summer Mobile Food Pantries are designed to reach low-income children and families during a critical time when children cannot rely on school meals. By partnering with schools and community centers, Care and Share distributes thousands of pounds of supplemental food to help families, like Mercedes’, stretch their summer food budgets even further.

“I think it’s going to help amazingly,” Mercedes told us. “It’s going to fill the void where I’m not able to purchase everything I need.”








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