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Mauro Farms

From Pueblo, CO

Story Type: Donors

How We Helped: Nutritious Food

Fresh fruit and vegetables put Mauro Farms on the map four generations ago and they’re still going strong. The family-owned farm in Pueblo, Colorado is locally known for their delicious, freshly-grown produce that is sold alongside home baked breads and sweets at the Mauro Farms Bakery. Steve Mauro currently heads the business and he says he feels right at home running the farm he grew up on. Approximately 250 acres large, the Mauro’s seasonally harvest nutritious foods such as cabbage, pumpkins, watermelon, corn, chile, squash, and cantaloupe.

About a decade ago, Care and Share Food Bank and Mauro Farms formed a partnership. Care and Share buys corn and watermelon from Mauro Farms at a discounted rate. Every one in a while, we’ll also get various squash, cabbage, and sometimes pumpkins. In 2016, we received 887,202 pounds of food from Mauro Farms, and we were able to share some of it with our sister food banks in other regions.

The food we get from Mauro Farms is much cheaper than what it would cost to get it from a grocery store. Steve says the decade-long partnership has been great. “We’re happy to help,” said Steve. “It’s a partnership that works for both of us.”

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