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Mary and Aaron

From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: Volunteers

Aaron and Mary were searching for a meaningful way to get involved in their community and found Care and Share to be a perfect fit. They were immediately drawn to the staff and the other volunteers working towards the same goal of making a positive difference for those “just needing a little help.” They love that when they “show up the work is waiting and there is always something for everyone to do.”

But for Mary, the connection is much deeper. She grew up not knowing where her next meal might come from. As an adult, she doesn’t want children in her neighborhood or in her community to experience the same thing. Mary was drawn to our Send Hunger Packing program because she can imagine “the feeling that it must give these children to be able to come home with food to help their family.”

Mary and her husband understand that “The need is real, the need is desperate, and the need is in our community.  These needs define our giving priorities, primarily those agencies that are able to fulfill the most basic of needs: food, clothing and shelter.”

Since 2012, they have been giving their time, food, and financial support. They have come to the realization that “for many of us, being in need could be one paycheck away…if we don’t help, who will?”

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