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Martha Regan volunteers

Martha Regan

Story Type: Volunteers

Martha Regan feels very strongly that “hunger should not be a personal woe.” She and her husband do all they can to help alleviate hunger. On any given day, they are carrying tuna packets with them, ready to hand these out when they come across individuals in need.

She and her husband have been committed to volunteering at a charity in every city they’ve lived. When they first moved to Colorado Springs, she searched for a charity whose mission aligned with her personal values. When she came across Care and Share, she knew it would be a perfect fit. Martha has now been volunteering with Care and Share for 18 months and says it has been incredible.

For Martha, giving back to the community means that she is helping the community to stay healthy and thrive. During the holiday season, we can count on Martha to volunteer for Take a Turkey to Work Day, a day-long turkey-drive supported by companies and individuals across the community. You can also find her helping in our Distribution Center. She applauds the strides Care and Share takes to grow and improve, which she says she’s seen during her time here.

One of the best parts of volunteering, Martha says, is the people. Being retired, she says it can be easy to stay home, but by volunteering with Care and Share, at least once a week Martha gets out and meets members of the community. The community she has found among other volunteers means a great deal to Martha. If she had to describe her experience with one word it would be, “camaraderie.”

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