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From Pueblo, Co

Story Type: People We Serve

Mark first visited Care and Share’s Pueblo Mobile Food Pantry at Risley Middle School while he was on a bike ride. Now, as a regular visitor, the mobile food pantry helps him stretch his budget when he doesn’t have much food to eat, especially during the summer. “It’s helped a lot,” he says.

Since happening upon this mobile food pantry, he has started volunteering there, because help with grocery items like apples, potatoes, bananas, and bread help him and his neighbors stay afloat during hard times when their food supplies get low. “I just like to help people,” Mark says. “I get bored at the house,” he laughs.

Mark enjoys meeting people who come to the mobile food pantry with their boxes and bags to collect food to take home to their families. “They’re thankful,” he says. Volunteering is a chance to connect and contribute to the health of his community. Mark likes to contribute the hours that he can because it keeps him moving and he cares about people. “You know, I like to help people out.”

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