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From Pueblo

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Mobile Food Pantry

How We Helped: Nutritious Food

We met Yolanda and her daughter at a recent Mobile Food Pantry distribution. “My daughter, Mariah, loves the cantaloupes because they are sweet and juicy,” she told us.

It was the first time the mom of three stopped by one of our drive-thru distributions held at the Lucero Library in partnership with Pueblo’s Eastside Action Support Team. She, along with 200 other neighbors in need, received bags filled with frozen meat, bread, produce, and snacks. Yolanda works full-time at a local call center. Recently, though, her hours have been cut, which has made it harder to afford groceries for her family.

Yolanda was grateful for the food she received. “Food now is expensive. When there’s five people in your family, it’s hard to afford everything, especially healthy items.”

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