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Linda Himes

From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: Volunteers

Linda has been a volunteer for over ten years with Care and Share and has spent the last two years helping us in the gardens. Linda loves spending her time in the gardens and takes a lot of pride in the work she does there, even going so far as to contribute wildflowers and hanging flower baskets from her own collection to beautify the space even more. Being able to plant and harvest crops gives Linda a sense of accomplishment and allows her to feel like she is really giving back.

In the garden she helps to grow vegetables, beans, and other fresh items that people may not usually have access to because fresh produce can cost a lot at the grocery store. When weeding, planting, landscaping, and harvesting in the garden Linda can see that she’s making progress and truly feels like she’s contributing to the community. Linda describes her volunteer experience with Care and Share as “fantastic”, encouraging others to volunteer as she has met some like-minded people and it convenient to be able to volunteer at a time that works best with her schedule, whether that be early or late in the day.

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