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From Monument, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Food Pantry

How We Helped: Food to Feed Family

For Kimberly, a wife and mother of three boys, food means family, and she considers feeding her family an expression of love. After spending 26 years as missionaries in Russia, a change in laws unexpectedly forced Kimberly and her husband to return to the United States. The abrupt transition was difficult, and after years of helping feed children overseas, Kimberly now found herself struggling to feed her own family.

When Kimberly first visited the food pantry at Tri-Lakes Cares, one of Care and Share’s partners, she was surprised by how amazingly kind the staff were, and the variety of fresh food available. With three growing boys who can drink gallons of milk, it means a lot to her that she can provide them with staples like milk, eggs, yogurt, and other vital items to support their healthy growth. With access to nutritious Care and Share food at our partner food pantries, neighbors like Kimberly don’t have to make the choice between paying bills and buying food when unexpected life events happen. Kimberly says. “We eat very well because of the food pantry”.

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