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panther pantry


From Pueblo, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Panther Pantry at Pueblo Community College

How We Helped: Nutritious Food

Panther Pantry Helping People Who Can’t Afford To Buy Food

Jana had a challenging childhood. She remembers “at night wishing for the storybook scene where the children get tucked into bed by their parents, falling asleep to a bedtime story.”  Unfortunately, this was just not part of Jana’s world. She missed prom, didn’t graduate high school, and had a baby at a young age.  She has worked very hard to overcome some huge setbacks, and as a result has missed many special moments with her own children.

This prompted her to take the bold step of quitting her job to start college. Her choice will pay off in the long run, but college is expensive.  Jana said, “The beginning of my education was also the beginning of multiple financial sacrifices.” She and her husband have to make a lot of tough decisions, including the amount and quality of food they buy.

To help students like Jana, Care and Share and Pueblo Community College established the Panther Pantry. Now, Jana can get fresh produce and pantry staples that she otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.  Because of the Panther Pantry, she can continue her education, provide food for her family, and most importantly, tuck her kids in at night.

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