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Jamey Ciesielski

From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: Donors

How We Helped: Hope

Jamey has been giving his time and money to Care and Share since 2009. It started when he moved here in 2008 and began seeking meaningful ways to get involved in his new community. Care and Share’s mission is close to Jamey’s heart. His degree is in Sports Management, so he knows that “you are not healthy if your mind and body don’t work.” Jamey understands that when you provide basic needs to those struggling to get by, they are more successful while searching for jobs or working towards an education. He believes that if we work together, we can help bring people out of bad situations and make them stronger

Because Jamey was in the military, he has a unique global perspective about nutrition and poverty. He said, “As wealthy as this country is, I don’t understand why everyone can’t have access to at least one decent meal a day, let alone three…I don’t understand why kids are starving in this country.”

His commitment to Care and Share also comes from personal experience. He said, “I used to live paycheck to paycheck. I started cutting out one thing at a time. I made my lunch and didn’t buy soda and pretty soon it changed the way I thought. The more I gave the more I received when I wasn’t expecting to receive help, it just happened.” Now it is his turn to offer help, and hope, to those that are least expecting it.

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