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From Monument, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Food Pantry

How We Helped: Nutritious Food

Food means a lot to Ingrid. She knows the importance of having access to enough nutritious meals because she still remembers what it felt like to be hungry. Growing up in Germany, there were days when her parents didn’t have enough food for her and her nine siblings, and she would go to bed hungry.

As an adult, Ingrid thought that was all behind her. For the past 42 years, she has made Colorado her home and was living comfortably. But that all changed when her husband passed away in 2002. Ingrid told us she struggled to make ends meet on a fixed income, eventually losing her home and car.

When Ingrid moved into low-income housing in the town of Monument, a friend told her about Care and Share’s partner food pantry, Tri-Lakes Cares. She vividly remembers the first day she walked through their doors. Ingrid says they happily helped her with rent and food assistance. “They loaded up all the food in bags, and then I told the case worker, ‘How am I going to get all this home? I don’t have a car.“ The staff told her not to worry. They packed the food into one of their volunteers’ car and drove Ingrid home with her groceries.

Ingrid now visits our partner food pantry, Tri-Lakes Cares, on a weekly basis. She likes to fill her cart with eggs, meat, and produce. Because of the help she received from the food pantry, she’s able to save up a little extra money here and there. “The people here, the staff, it’s amazing what they do for us,” she said. Ingrid is also grateful for the generous donors who make it possible for us to provide the food, to not only her, but so many other neighbors in need across Southern Colorado.


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““The people here, the staff, it’s amazing what they do for us."”

- Ingrid