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High Plains Helping Hands

Story Type: Programs

Programs Used: Gardens

How We Helped: Education

In July 2013, High Plains Helping Hands (HPHH) had an idea to provide weekly education classes that would empower their patrons by teaching them certain life skills, including healthy cooking and gardening. Along with the idea, HPHH envisioned a garden. That July, HPHH received three raised-garden beds from generous sponsors, which made it possible for HPHH to grow fresh vegetables every summer for their pantry patrons. Anne Yager, a volunteer in HPHH’s pantry, was asked by Rose Mizer, Director at HPHH, to help with the gardens. Anne, who leads the efforts of planting and tending to the garden beds, is an avid gardener. In the first year, the gardens grew lettuce, herbs, and various other vegetables such as beans, broccoli, and cabbage leaves. Pantry patrons have enjoyed salads and said, “It’s nice to have fresh vegetables straight from the garden.” With those comments, Anne smiles and agrees that having healthy food to eat is important. The seedlings are planted at intervals from May through October so that plenty of vegetables can be provided to families who visit HPHH’s pantry each Friday. The weekly harvest provides fresh produce to fifteen families to supplement what they received at the pantry. Thank you Anne, Rose, and all associated with HPHH. Your garden is an inspiration to our community.

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