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Elder Construction

From Colorado Springs, CO

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Elder Construction has been an enthusiastic partner in Care and Share’s Take a Turkey to Work Day for 25 years! This annual event raises thousands of frozen turkeys for families in need at King Soopers locations across El Paso and Pueblo Counties.

Last year, Elder Construction’s team and its 30 subcontractors donated 828 turkeys! But the number that means the most to them is how many families they helped feed: it jumped last year from 1,400 families to 3,300 families.

Servant Leadership is their greatest value at Elder Construction. When they give back to the community, they get team members, clients, vendors and neighbors involved in this endeavor. Like Take a Turkey to Work Day, for example! Elder’s team goes above and beyond for this event, organizing, partnering, and collaborating with their local vendors and subcontractors to “out-turkey” their north office in Windsor, with a trophy at stake. This year, they intend to keep the trophy, and meet their goal of feeding 4,500 families!

Elder Construction is thrilled to partner with Care and Share Food Bank of Colorado Springs. What makes them so committed to us? Linda Sterrett at Elder says, “Care and Share is one of the most efficiently run food banks in the country, so what we give to your organization, we know gets to the people who need it.” They even say that the excitement on “Turkey Day,” as they call their turkey drive, is better than Christmas. “It’s the biggest day of the year at Elder Construction,” Linda tells us.

Thank you, Elder, for giving so many neighbors a reason to be thankful during the holiday season. If you’re interested in learning about how you can get involved with Care and Share, click here.

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“Turkey Day is better than Christmas for some of us, because we just get to feed so many families. It’s not just a meal. It’s a special meal. They have their family around them and can enjoy that time together.”

- Linda Sterrett, Elder Construction