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From Colorado Springs, CO

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Q:Can you tell us a little bit about DAWSON and its mission?
A: We are a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) 8(a) Small Business firm that has been servicing our clients and communities for 25 years. We provide expertise and excellent performance among three main services lines: Construction, Professional & Technical Services, and Environmental. DAWSON’s headquarters office is based in Hawaii, but we also have 15 additional offices throughout the continental US and projects all the way from Greenland to Guam! The DAWSON Mission is “To have a Positive Impact on the Lives of our Employees, their Families, and our Communities by Serving our Strategic Clients Every Day!” We promote the spirit of Aloha through volunteering our services to community organizations, fundraising support, sponsorships, and participation in charity events.

Q:Why do you and your organization think it’s important to serve the community in the way that you do?
A: As a Hawaiian company, the spirit of Aloha and ‘Ohana (the Hawaiian word for “family”) are present in everything we do. The communities in which we live are an extension of our ‘Ohana, so we take care of those around us just as we would with any other member of our family. Having a positive impact in our local communities is deeply rooted in the DAWSON culture. This comes from the foundation that was set by the hard work and dedicated spirit of our matriarch – BEADIE KANAHELE DAWSON. Beadie has committed her life to spreading the spirit of aloha within her community while inspiring the DAWSON ‘ohana to do the same.

Q:Your team has volunteered with us in the past, helping us rescue tens of thousands of produce from farms. What was that like?
A: Gleaning onions, golden zucchini, and watermelon was hard work but very rewarding. In the Colorado region, we have just about twice as many employees working in the field as we have in the office. To be able to come together and work for such a meaningful cause is invaluable and rewarding.

Q:Why give your time to Care and Share?
A: If you ask anyone in Colorado Springs about a worthy cause to donate time/money/effort to, Care and Share is always in the mix. The integrity and passion of Care and Share is unlike any other organization in the greater Colorado Springs area. One of the most basic human needs is food, and we realize how big of an impact Care and Share has on our community. We love the tremendous outreach of Care and Share in Southern Colorado communities it serves as a true testament to making a positive impact in the community.

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“One of the most basic human needs is food, and we realize how big of an impact Care and Share has on our community.”

- Charlie Noga, DAWSON