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CSU Extension Farms

From Rocky Ford and Center, CO

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Fresh, healthy produce is highly important to our work at Care and Share, and it means a great deal to the families, seniors, and children that we serve. Last fiscal year, 80 percent of the food we distributed was classified as highly nutritious, much of which comes from local farming partners, such as Colorado State University Extension.

CSU Extension’s farms grow delicious produce of unique shapes and sizes which result from crop testing they conduct for medical advancement. While oddly shaped produce is difficult to sell in supermarkets, it is perfect for providing nutritious food for our neighbors who are otherwise at risk of hunger.

Since our relationship began, we’ve secured 244,109 pounds of food from CSU Extension’s farm in Center, primarily in the form of potatoes, and from the Rocky Ford CSU Extension farm, we’ve secured 47,988 pounds of primarily onions. At this location, we can harvest the crop for ourselves in a process called gleaning. Gleaning offers a highly satisfying volunteer opportunity that is typically available in September and October. Ultimately, the crops that our volunteers help glean end up on the plate of a neighbor facing hunger. If you are interested in gleaning volunteer opportunities, please contact us.

Many thanks to the farms for their continued commitment to serving our neighbors in need!

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