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Connie Watson

Story Type: Volunteers

I started volunteering at Care and Share as a “Jane of All Trades,” filing and archiving old paperwork.  Later, I began on mapping projects: creating geographic visuals of all our partner agencies, mobile food trucks, food pantries, and shelters.

These maps show us in which communities people are most need of food and the distance to the nearest food resource or market. I was able to highlight the School District 11 and Care and Share’s partner agencies in that region to reveal deficits and surpluses. We also included routes of Care and Share food deliveries to see if we were efficiently reaching areas of need. It gives us the big picture.

Eventually we might be able to do more data entry to show how much and what kind of food each partner distributes.

I love volunteering here. The mapping definitely pushes my brain and allows me to use more of my abilities. They’ve also given me the responsibility of photographing food onsite so our partners can see how it looks and see that it’s nutritional. People here are very generous of their hearts. Care and Share has the best vibes of anywhere I have ever volunteered, and I really mean that.

I always wanted to be able to help people. I’m a nurturer, I ask “how can I help pick that person up?”  People need their dignity. I have volunteered most of my life.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how young you are.  The older you get, the more things you need to do because it keeps you going.

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