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Christopher Hopkins

From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: Volunteers

Care and Share is so fortunate to have volunteers who are eager to learn and jump in wherever they’re needed: people like Christopher Hopkins. Christopher first heard about Care and Share while completing vocational rehabilitation. Growing up, he always imagined that he would pursue a career in video game design, however, after taking a couple of college classes on the subject, his interest waned and he felt the need to reevaluate his future career path. He loves helping out, so when he heard about volunteer opportunities at Care and Share, Christopher thought that it would be a great opportunity to get active in the community while also gaining valuable work experience.

Christopher started by volunteering in our Colorado Springs distribution center where he packed up food and prepared it to go out to families. He then moved into volunteering in our Community Kitchen as a kitchen assistant. He has helped cook meals for families and for Care and Share events, and willingly jumps in to help with dishes. More recently, Christopher has started to work in Care and Share’s gardens, tending to whatever needs to be done to keep them looking vibrant! Although Christopher has enjoyed all of his volunteer positions, his favorite is in our kitchen, because he has been able to learn how to cook, which is a valuable life skill.

If Christopher had to describe his experience as a volunteer with one word, it would be “amazing.” He greatly appreciates all of the experience that he has gained at Care and Share and stated that “Care and Share has helped me out as much as I’ve helped them…”

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