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Chef Jay Gust

From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: Donors

How We Helped: Hope

Chef Jay Gust lets his passion for food shine through in all that he does. He says that cooking is an expression of his soul, and he is constantly thinking of ways to create unique food combinations that will result in culinary masterpieces.  He began volunteering for Care and Share’s Taste of the Springs event four years ago and loved the feeling he got knowing that he was supporting a great cause.  He now donates his time and talents as a participating chef in our Cooking for a Cause series, which is held monthly at Care and Share for community members that appreciate gourmet food and share in our belief that no one should go hungry.

Knowing that we can’t reach our full potential when we are struggling with hunger, Chef Jay believes that “everybody should have a warm meal” because our well- being is at stake without adequate nutrition.  Chef Jay regularly raises awareness and gives money to charities because to him, “there are a lot of people out there that are going through hard times, and it’s the right thing to do.”  If more people engaged their talent in this way, our world would be a much better, brighter place.

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