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From Monument, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Food Pantry

How We Helped: Food to Feed Family

Charity and her husband are loving parents to five kids. While trying to recover from the recession, Charity’s husband decided to go back to grad school to finish his degree and be equipped for a job with a sustainable income. With the shift in responsibilities, the family became reliant solely on Charity’s income, and it had its challenges. “It’s not easy to raise such a large family,” Charity told us. “It costs a lot.”

Fortunately, Charity found out about Tri-Lakes Cares, one of Care and Share’s partner food pantries, that was able to supplement some of her family’s costs. During this challenging time, they were able to receive nutritious food for free, including bread, eggs, meat, produce and vegetables. She also had access to other services, like car and rent assistance, ensuring Charity never had to make the decision between feeding her family and keeping a roof over their heads.

“It was a humbling experience to go to their facility. But what I found at Tri-Lakes Cares, the people there really care about the people coming in,” Charity said. “My girls love going there with me and they forward to seeing everyone there.” Charity says the team at Tri-Lakes Cares now feels like family to her. Not only is she able to utilize their resources when she and her family need it, but they have inspired her to give back. She now serves on their board, providing insight from the perspective of a neighbor in need.


One word she uses to describe our partner organization, Tri-Lakes Cares: love.

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