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From Gunnison, CO

Story Type: Volunteers

Programs Used: Gunnison Country Food Pantry

Carolyn serves on the Board of the Mountain Roots Food Project, which is dedicated to creating resilient food systems in Gunnison County. Mountain Roots donates food to the Gunnison Country Food Pantry, which is a Care and Share partner agency. As a former restaurant owner, Carolyn is passionate about locally grown food, healthy food, and making sure everyone gets to eat.  Mountain Roots sets up tables at the schools during testing weeks to ensure that children have access to healthy snacks, as opposed to junk foods, to fuel their minds while they work.

As a Gunnison resident, Carolyn sees a community that lacks affordable housing and limited job opportunities.  She knows families that are living in tents and campers, while others have to make tough choices about paying for rent or paying for food. Carolyn knows that it takes the dedication of community members, such as the staff and volunteers of the Mountain Roots Project, and service agencies like the Gunnison Country Food Pantry and Care and Share to “step up and provide help when needed.” Together, we can make a difference.

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