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From Colorado Springs, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Send Hunger Packing

How We Helped: Nutritious Food

Beau, a 4th grader at Queen Palmer Elementary, knows that it’s hard to focus or have energy when he’s hungry. “My tummy speaks to me and says, ‘feed me, feed me, feed me,’ and it never stops and it’s annoying,” he told us.

One of the ways Beau and his family are able to get enough food is through Care and Share’s Send Hunger Packing program, which is part of our Children’s Nutrition Initiative. Each week, a group of volunteers come into our distribution center and pack dozens of bags with food items, like peanut butter, pasta, canned meats, fruits, and vegetables. Those bags then make their way to schools we partner with across Southern Colorado. Students like Beau pick up the food bags at the end of every school week to take home and share with their families over the weekends.

Last year, we distributed more than 15,000 of these food bags to kids and families in need. Beau gets excited when he picks up the bag to take home. “It just means that good things are going to happen and the food’s delicious… It means everything to me.” Beau said. “Because of this food, I feel so awesome, awesome!”

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“Because of this food, I feel so awesome, awesome!”

- Beau