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Atlas Preparatory School Food Pantry

From Colorado Springs, CO

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How We Helped: Nutritious Food

DONOR GENEROSITY helps Care and Share Food Bank stock eight School Pantries. Atlas Preparatory School in Colorado Springs launched theirs last year. They welcome students and families in need each Friday from 3:30 – 5:30 pm.

The effort is run by individual donors, volunteers and school staff, and other agencies. Atlas serves nearly 70 families weekly. Nine in ten of its students qualify for free or reduced meals. The School Pantry makes it easy for families to receive food, since many parents are already coming to the school to pick up their children.

Beatriz is a junior at Atlas. She and three other volunteer students were chosen to help set up and run the pantry each week. “I volunteered at a soup kitchen before, but this was a chance to help my own peers. We wanted to make it really welcoming and inviting, a place where people would understand that we are just there to help, with no expectation of them giving something back to us.”

“We had people bring in recipes and made them into a cookbook. We gave people tote bags and the books so people would have a guide on how to use the food from the pantry. It makes you feel good knowing you’ve helped somebody.”

Beatriz is excited about how much the pantry has grown. “It started out as just a roadside stand with food being put in paper bags. Now we’ve inspired other schools to create pantries, too.”

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