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“It makes me feel wonderful knowing that there’s someone who cares about me, that there’s someone I can turn to if I ever need help. [My mom] does so much for me. I don’t know how I could ever repay […]


When we first met Ava, she was a kindergartener at Queen Palmer Elementary School, which is one of our Partner Agencies that works alongside our team to help provide food to children in need. She told us her favorite part […]


We met Yolanda and her daughter at a recent Mobile Food Pantry distribution. “My daughter, Mariah, loves the cantaloupes because they are sweet and juicy,” she told us. It was the first time the mom of three stopped by one […]


The first time Richelle stopped by one of our Mobile Market Distributions, she was shocked by the amount and type of food she was able to take home. “I received chicken, pork, vegetables, fruit, grains and milk from Care and […]


When our Mobile Market stopped by Xaiver’s neighborhood, the seven-year old happily helped his mom carry a bag of food because it had one of his favorite meals in it — pizza. “I love pizza because of the cheese and […]


Mary is a proud grandma to four grandkids. After retiring from her career as a music teacher, she started taking care of them often – to help support her daughter and, as a widow, the kids’ company brings her joy. […]


Mark first visited Care and Share’s Pueblo Mobile Food Pantry at Risley Middle School while he was on a bike ride. Now, as a regular visitor, the mobile food pantry helps him stretch his budget when he doesn’t have much […]

Maria, Estrella, Genesis, and Cielo

Your support helps us serve more people. Donate Here. $1=8 Meals Maria has avoided a problem that a lot of other parents face. Her three children, 5-year-old Estrella, 4-year-old Genesis, and 2-year-old Cielo eat a lot of vegetables.“Maybe it’s why […]


For Kimberly, a wife and mother of three boys, food means family, and she considers feeding her family an expression of love. After spending 26 years as missionaries in Russia, a change in laws unexpectedly forced Kimberly and her husband […]


Beau, a 4th grader at Queen Palmer Elementary, knows that it’s hard to focus or have energy when he’s hungry. “My tummy speaks to me and says, ‘feed me, feed me, feed me,’ and it never stops and it’s annoying,” […]