Staff Highlight | Heather Briggs

In a recent interview for a position that we are hiring for, I was asked by a candidate “Why do you like working for Care and Share?” Although I have only been the Children’s Program Coordinator for 7 months, I could have prattled on forever about my love for my job.

Care and Share is a unique place and I have boiled it down to this: everyone here is not only rallied around a mission, but each other. We are a family; the employees, the volunteers, the agencies, the clients. It bothers all of us that there are hungry people in our community, and we come to work every day committed to changing that. I enjoy being a part of this big machine.

On a recent trip to the Durango area I got see one of the pallets we packed in our warehouse get unpacked at a rural school close to the border of Utah. I had help packing this pallet on our end by my little volunteers who come each week to pack up snacks for the Healthy Kids Club. These are kids that give their time each week to help others, and when our driver Todd, who carefully hauled the pallet over Wolf Creek Pass all the way to the western edge of Colorado, unloaded it on the other end there was a line of children there to carry each item into their school.

We are kids helping kids, people helping people. I have never worked with a group of individuals that had more integrity or passion. There is a place here for everyone and I love that. I was a volunteer at Care and Share long before I was an employee, and it’s hard for me to picture ever leaving.     

Heather Briggs
Children’s Program Coordinator

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