Recipe for Hope 2019: Xander’s Speech



March 8, 2019

Xander, a second grader in Colorado Springs, spoke in front of a crowd of more than 1,200 people at Care and Share Food Bank’s Recipe for Hope 2019 luncheon on Thursday, March 7. He emphasized the importance of the food bags he receives through the Send Hunger Packing program, and what the food means to him and his family. Below is his speech in entirety.  

Hi, my name is Xander and I am a 2nd grader at Rudy Elementary in Colorado Springs. As you saw in the video, my family is very close and I love all them a lot. My mom works as a music teacher and my dad is a chef and he is trying to build a small business. Sometimes when you are building a business, it takes a while to get it going.

My family and I are very lucky to be able to have help from Care and Share. We get food bags from them every week. On Thursdays, one of the school teachers, Mrs. Lockwood, quietly drops them off at classrooms so we can take them home.

Those food bags are really heavy but they make me feel loved. When I open the bags at home, sometimes I want to eat the food right away. I’m a growing kid so I’m always hungry. I feel so excited because sometimes mom and dad say that we can eat things right away.

Some kinds of food that come in the bags are: beans, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, and sometimes canned chicken. I love when we get green beans! I don’t know what my dad calls it, but he cooks something where he has some white broth and green beans and then if you want you put the green bean stuff on top of rice. I really love it. My brothers and sister really like when we get oatmeal in the bags. I’m really good at cooking oatmeal. If you want me to teach you how to make it, you can ask me later.

The food bags mean a lot to my family. Food means everything to me and I feel very blessed that you want to help me and my family when we need it.

Thank you for having loving hearts, for helping my family, and for helping Care and Share provide for families in our community. Care and Share believes that no one should go hungry. Thank you for believing that too.



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