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Care and Share Food Bank collects monthly clients served reports to better understand the needs in our service area. From the collection of this data, we provide reports to Feeding America and donors who support our mission. Your reports also allow Care and Share to be more responsive to changing needs in communities as we identify seasonal trends and economic changes impacting agencies.

Thank you all for using Agency Express to input monthly numbers of neighbors served. Reports are to be received by Care and Share no later than the 10th of each month.

There are three monthly report formats in Agency Express. Please complete the report for your agency type and do not place figures in more than one section of the report. If your agency uses Care and Share food for multiple programs, you will report on each program separately.

You can review the Monthly Reporting Guidelines in the Agency Express link on the Agency Portal.

If you have questions or concerns regarding reporting, please contact your regional manager.


Key Facts About the Census

● The census counts every person living in the United States, regardless of age or citizenship status, every 10 years in years ending in 0.
● It’s in the Constitution. It’s important
● It’s about money, power, and data.
● Every 10 years we help decide how taxpayer dollars come back to our communities. The
2020 Census will help to distribute billions of dollars in federal resources to your
● Our community gets resources based on census population counts, that help pay for
hospitals, emergency services, schools, roads, and more.
● An accurate and complete census helps businesses, community leaders and elected
officials make informed decisions every day.
It’s easy
● For the first time, people can respond online and by phone, in addition to the mail-in option. Your response impacts funding for your community for critical services for the next 10 years.
● The next decennial census happens in 2030. It’s safe and confidential
● Your data is protected and it’s confidential. Federal law protects your responses, which cannot be shared with law enforcement, immigration agencies, or housing authorities.
COVID-19 & the 2020 Census
● The 2020 Census is underway and the most important and safe thing you can do is respond online, by phone, or by mail. It has never been easier to respond to the 2020 Census.
● Responding now will minimize the need for the Census Bureau to send census takers out into communities to follow up with households.
● Please check this page regularly for updates and adjustments in response to COVID-19. See the latest status of operations & current timeline.

For more information about the census, click here.