Meet Brittany, our new volunteer engagement manager
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Meet Brittany, our new volunteer engagement manager

Hi I’m Brittany Smith and I am so excited to join Care and Share Food Bank as the Volunteer Engagement Manager. I bring with me several years of experience in the local non-profit arena and have fallen in love with volunteer management over the past few years. I truly believe that volunteers form the backbone that holds together our communities. Did you know that volunteers are some of the healthiest people in the United States?

At Care and Share, I have no doubt that our volunteers are committed to our vision of a hunger-free Southern Colorado. Throughout 2020, many aspects of volunteering continued to change. I appreciate everyone’s commitment to Care and Share during a tumultuous time, even if that meant stepping away to keep yourself and everyone around you safe. Operations at Care and Share didn’t slow down. In fact, we’ve seen tremendous growth in new areas and need volunteer help now more than ever!

If you are looking for new volunteer opportunities within Care and Share, looking to re-engage as a volunteer, or just want to chat, I want to talk with you! Send me an email at or give me a call (719) 418-4295. I am looking forward to hearing from you!