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Host a Food Drive

We are in the year 2017! We know a lot of you have hopes, dreams, and resolutions to make this year better than last. But we want to ask you, in all of those hopes, dreams, and resolutions, were you planning to help someone in some way or even do a little more community service.

As individuals, we often think about what it is we will do for ourselves this year, but have we ever thought about helping others too? Perhaps we had a grand start to our New Year, but we know that there are many who didn’t have the greatest start. It’s the year 2017 and there are still people very much in need of food and other supplies to get them through the day and all the seasons that will soon be on their way.

Wouldn’t you like to be the one who creates a positive influence in someone’s day? If this was on your list of New Year’s resolutions, then you have come to the right place! If you feel you are in a giving mood, want to give back after you’ve been given so much, or you simply want to increase you’re your good karma levels, we have what you need.

Care and Share Food Bank in Southern Colorado provides a number of opportunities to help you get involved with the community and do your part to bring us closer together. Aside from volunteering, Care and Share gives individuals and groups the opportunity to host a food drive, whether it be for your neighborhood or your workplace.

Every can or box of food, or every $1 donated brings a community one step closer to ending starvation and hunger. Just $1 will provide 8 meals! Your $1 can feed just 8 people! If that isn’t enough to sell you, $2 will feed 16 people!

We are very fortunate in the world, create an opportunity to make someone’s day a good one. Host a food drive with Care and Share Food Bank in Southern Colorado and change at least 8 lives today.

To learn more about how to Host a Food Drive in your community or your workplace, please visit Care and Share’s “Host a Food or Fund Drive” page online.

Be the difference in someone’s day and have a wonderful new year!