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Care and Share Food Bank's Heirloom Society recognizes generous donors who have included us in their wills and/or estate planning.

Help Feed Our Neighbors Now and Later

Often, the most rewarding strategy for supporting your belief that no one should go hungry is through a gift now and later (such as a bequest by will). Including Care and Share in your estate planning can produce an ideal mix of retirement income, tax benefits, and recognition of your generosity.

A bequest is a promise, written into your will or living trust, to give a portion of your estate upon your death. You may change your bequest at any time. By making your intent known to Care and Share, we can plan for the future and recognize your generosity in your lifetime through membership in our Heirloom Society.

The Care and Share Foundation

In 2020, Care and Share launched its own foundation to oversee our endowment fund. You can make your legacy gift directly to the foundation and ensure that your commitment to feeding our hungry neighbors lives on.

The Care and Share Foundation
2605 Preamble Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
EIN 85-4122458


If you would like more information about bequests, or if you would like to talk about other options for including Care and Share in your estate plan, please contact Becky Treece at 719-434-5729 or BeckyT@careandshare.org.