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GoalZero | Recycling

Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado—a member of the Feeding America network of food banks—is a regional hub for food acquisition and distribution in the fight against hunger. The organization connects nutritious food resources to those who are at risk of hunger by supplying food to more than 300 Southern Colorado partner agencies: community-based pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters.

     - Care and Share is the only food bank serving 52,000 square miles in 31 counties of Southern Colorado.
     - More than 165,000 people—15% of the population—are at risk of hunger in this region, including one in five children.
     - Last year, Care and Share distributed 21.4 million pounds of food, the equivalent of more than 17 million meals, to 122,000 people.

Care and Share Food Bank: A Culture of Sustainability
In 2009, following the completion of a successful capital campaign, Care and Share constructed a 50,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Colorado Springs. This high-performance, LEED-Silver-certified building offers savings and efficiencies in maintenance and utilities, decreases its impact on natural resources, incorporates sustainable practices, and provides employees with an environment that is productive, creative and innovative. The facility, a visible reminder of the culture of sustainability at Care and Share, has encouraged employees to explore green policies in every area of their work. The result has been a successful Zero Waste Program, which diverts 92% of its solid waste from landfills, while generating a revenue stream for the food bank.

     - All waste from the food collection and distribution process— cardboard, shrink-wrap material, pallets and cans—is recycled.

GoalZero | Recycling: A Waste-Diversion Social Enterprise
Care and Share plans to form a Colorado Springs-based waste-diversion social enterprise that will increase the rate of waste diversion in the region as it increases the nonprofit’s food and monetary resources. 

GoalZero Recycling will be a for profit recycling solution provider for small to medium sized businesses.  Care and Share will conduct waste audits for businesses, helping them to understand how to save money by wasting less.  For a fee, Care and Share will haul away cardboard and plastic materials from businesses and sell these recyclables to generate revenue. All profits from GoalZero Recycling will go back to support the mission of Care and Share.

GoalZero | Recycling: Organizational Structure
Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado will be the sole owner of GoalZero Recycling, a Limited Liability Company. A volunteer advisory committee will govern the work of the social enterprise.

GoalZero | Recycling: Service and Delivery
Care and Share’s key assets­­—facilities, vehicles, equipment, volunteer support, logistics, and Zero Waste expertise—will be leveraged to create a community recycling enterprise encompassing education, outreach, and services for farmers, partner agencies, non-profit businesses, for-profit businesses, and the public at large.

GoalZero | Recycling: Opportunities
The potential for capturing a profitable market share of the solid waste diversion business in the Pikes Peak Region is great.
     - The municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling rate for the El Paso County and Colorado Springs region is between 8 and 11.4%. This diversion rate is low, and when compared to cities such as Boulder (44%), Fort Collins (42%), Manitou Springs (28%) and Denver (12%). (Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc., Nov., 2011)
     - Nearly all recycling and diversion efforts in the region are for-profit. City, County and non-profit recycling operations are limited to hazardous and electronic waste.
     - GoalZero Recycling rates will be competitive with for-profit waste and recycling corporations, attracting socially-conscious consumers.

GoalZero | Recycling: Target Markets
Farmers who can use GoalZero Recycling-produced animal feed or compost to raise livestock/grow vegetables for the food bank.

Care and Share’s current corporate donors (400), agency partners (300) and individual volunteers and donors.

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