Food Donor Spotlight: Canadian Element NORAD
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Food Donor Spotlight: Canadian Element NORAD

Every month, Kelsie Brace, a Master Corporal for the Canadian Army, and Min Lee, a Sailor First Class for the Royal Canadian Navy, stop by our Distribution Center in Colorado Springs to drop off food donations. Both Kelsie and Min work for CANELEMNORAD (Canadian Element NORAD).

“We have been donating monthly since July of 2020. We started making donations because we saw that many people were losing jobs during the pandemic and we wanted to help in some way. We thought that if we could start making monthly donations, it could help,” said Kelsie.

The donations they drop off are on behalf of the entire Canadian Military Community posted at Peterson Air Force Base. To date, they have donated more than 1,700 lbs. of food.

“We want to take the time to thank everyone at Care and Share for all you do to make sure families don’t go hungry,” said Kelsie. “There is a wonderful team of volunteers at Care and Share that we look forward to seeing every month.”