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10th Anniversary of our Building

January 9, 2019

Care and Share’s location on Preamble Point offers capacity, community, and critical response. As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary in this building, we are reflecting upon accomplishments that were made possible because of our amazing facility.

CAPACITY In ten years we’ve increased food distribution from just over 11 million pounds to almost 25 million pounds. We’re serving 54,000 more hungry neighbors across our 31-county service area.

COMMUNITY — Annual volunteer hours increased by 30,000 hours to achieve the remarkable growth in service. As a welcoming space for community partners, our building hosts a variety of events and we revel in the opportunity to introduce people to our operation.

CRITICAL RESPONSE — We’ve been prepared and able to respond to disasters as they’ve struck. Most memorable are the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires, though our crisis response has reached across our entire service area.

To the donors that made this building possible, we thank you. This distribution center is our home, and your support will allow us to continue to serve more neighbors and keep our home in excellent condition.